I neglect this website to the extreme, no apologies just a dreaded fact.

My disabilities and the realities of working alone have reduced my work. Although when I work on a smaller scale I am able to produce some good work. Posting pictures is next after this update. Look for "Healing Things", I like it. My current work is an eight foot palm tree made of railroad spikes and old license plates.

If you are an honest person interested in working as a intern in a Bloomfield Indiana metal art studio, please apply.

Never Give Up,



How it works

Strong emotions birth Great Art

Pain is motivating

Live ordinary and calm

So you may be

Violent and Creative in your work

For those that break my heart

Thank You

For the Pain and Inspirations

You left behind 



Building a web site.

Yes, it is required that all committed Artists provide a web site to reach out to the community.

One can be aloof and retreat to the comfort of thier studio. However, such acts will only isolate the Artist and leave them with a room full of work. Whether we intend to sell our work or not. Art not shared can be satisfactory to it's creator but a loss for the community. Better, we construct a web site. I wish there were a way to make this simple and cheap, while still featuring rich and effective design. Alas, nothing ventured, nothing gained, so we invest time and money and it takes plenty of both to succeed. I struggle with anacronyms I do not understand, RSS, HTML. Until I do understand we will make do with basic text and pictures. Please take the time to sign my guest book.

Thank You and best regards,